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We re-inhabit, rethink,

and re-edit for edit for the people the animals the planet

We re-inhabit, rethink, and re-edit for

the people the animals the planet

At meii, we collaborate with our clients in a special and personalized manner. We meticulously study their needs and develop their ideas through a fast and efficient workflow. We approach their problems with attention to detail and rigor to provide precise solutions to programmatic, economic, and social challenges.

We combine our design work with experimentation, giving rise to projects and research that mutually reinforce each other. We work creatively, at multiple scales and in a cross-disciplinary manner, addressing projects of all types, sizes, or conditions with a sustainable and distinctive approach.

New Construction Projects

meii develops new construction projects from their earliest stages to the complete execution and project management of the building.

Rehabilitation Projects

meii advocates for the architectural rehabilitation of obsolete buildings, addressing both functional and environmental aspects, as part of the solution to reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector.

Comprehensive Renovation and Interior Design Projects

meii studies how to transform outdated spaces into flexible, pleasant environments adapted to the new needs of their inhabitants.

Furniture Design

meii designs bespoke furniture tailored to fit any type of space and purpose.

Feasibility Studies

meii collaborates with investors and developers in studying the development possibilities and profitability associated with residential and commercial projects.

Urban Planning and Landscaping Projects

meii advocates for urban planning capable of integrating nature into our cities, emphasizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through sustainable projects for squares, streets, and entire neighborhoods.

European Funding Projects

meii participates in partnerships and hubs to obtain European funds for national and international projects with a strong social and environmental focus. Programs such as Life, Next Generation, New European Bauhaus, etc. Life, Next Generation, New European Bauhaus, etc.

Research Projects

meii collaborates closely with various institutions, such as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) or the Instituto de Empresa (IE), on research associated with reducing the carbon footprint in the construction sector.

Clients and collaborators

meii forms strategic partnerships with educational centers and research groups, as well as with investment funds and promoters who trust us to advise them in the development of their investments.

Some of the companies and institutions with which we collaborate are the following: