Who - meii is architecture, design, sustainability, research

Meii is architecture, design,

sostenibility recyicling research


meii is not an acronym or abbreviation. It doesn’t signify a controversy or a locality. It doesn’t represent a firm or state surnames. It doesn’t define an attitude.

meii is a team, a logo, and an anonymous name that doesn’t boast a personality, project, or methodology. It’s flexible and adaptable regarding what, how, and who. It merges the academic, the technical, and the experimental. It combines innovation and tradition. It wells between the digital and the material.

meii is city, territory, and landscape. A sustainable and circular studio, inclusive and accessible. meii is committed to you, the ecosystem, and the planet.

Jose Mª Mateo

Architect with honors from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and holds a Master’s in “Business for Architecture & Design” from the School of Architecture & Design at IE, Madrid. He collaborates with research groups at both universities, specifically in Advanced Construction Science and Technology and the NextGen International Taskforce.

His interests revolve around reconnecting architecture with society and nature. He asserts that architects should be active agents of change towards the construction of accessible, inclusive, and sustainable cities and territories. He co-founded meii to be part of the solution to various current climate and social issues through advanced, transdisciplinary, and committed design.

He has received numerous national and international awards for both his projects and research, leading him to showcase his work in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Norway or Saudi Arabia.

Elvira Carrión

Architect graduated with honors and MArch from the Polytechnic University of Madrid completes her studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan. She participates and collaborates with the CTAC research group (Science and Advanced Technology of Construction) at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

Her enthusiasm for culture, design, and nature leads her to explore the fields of landscaping, interior design, and sustainable architecture. She co-founded meii because she believes in the decisive role that architecture plays in addressing the urgent climate emergency. She affirms that the city as a system poses the demand for the renewal of its functional structures, with the goal of building a more sustainable model of the city and addressing new social, economic, and environmental needs.

Her work has been awarded several times, and she has participated in congresses, conferences, and European projects related to the role of architecture in mitigating.


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